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COVID-19 cases for Sylvania City & Township
as reported by the Lucas County Health Department

The Lucas County Health Department reports the following updated information for COVID-19 cases in Sylvania City & Township as of May 29, 2020
(This zip code map and the reporting of Sylvania's numbers below includes all confirmed and probable cases to-date. Some of these cases may have already recovered, have had mild illness, or were hospitalized to recover from the virus.)


CITY OF SYLVANIA, as of 5/29/20:

-Between 161 and 192 cases of COVID-19 reported in the City of Sylvania


SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, as of 5/29/20:

-Between 1 and 32 cases of COVID-19 reported in the Sylvania Township/Toledo zip code of 43617


-Between 97 and 128 cases of COVID-19 reported in the Sylvania Township/Toledo zip code of 43623

-Between 193 and 224 cases of COVID-19 reported in the Sylvania Township/Toledo zip code of 43615

*see maps by zip code below


More COVID-19 news for Sylvania City & Township:

  • The Mayor of Sylvania declared a State of Emergency on April 6 2020 for the City of Sylvania, so as to allow access to federal disaster funding, click to read the Declaration

  • The Sylvania Township Trustees approved a COVID-19 federal funding resolution on April 7 2020,  click to read the Resolution
    *Township administrator Oliver Turner reports that in mid-March, Sylvania Township consulted with the Ohio Township Association (OTA).  The OTA advised that declaring an emergency, such as the City of Sylvania has done, would not be required for the Township based on the Ohio Revised Code and input from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.


  • Watch for the results of the Sylvania, Ohio COVID-19 survey to be published here and in the Sylvania community newsletter.

May COVID update
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